Imaging and Printing Solutions

The Imaging and Printing Solutions offered by our company enables our customers to scan , store large number of documents and also index and retreive to their convenients. We also provide cost effective printing, copying and duplicating of Document.

Imaging and Printing

We have joined hands with major brands including Konica Minolta, HP and for providing outstanding Imaging and Printing Solutions. The Imaging and Printing Solutions offered by our company enables our customers to scan and store large numbers of documents in to digital format and index and retrive as per their requirements.

Digital Duplicators

Nice Infotech is well known for offering high quality computerized duplicating products. We have a tie-up with Konica Milonta,HP, Cannon for Digital Duplicators, with friction and suction feed Collators, compact desktop model and large multi tower floor models. We provide Digital Duplicators depending upon the customers' budget, anticipated volume, paperweight and stock, and the number of sheets run at one time. Our DC-8/32 and DC-10/60 suction-feed systems are largely preferred at the places where more complex application and coated or heavy stocks are used. It ensures reliable feeding up to 10,000 collated sets per hour. These are perfect for collating the most complex jobs, by allowing the operator to select the quantity of sheets for feeding from each bin and the feeding sequence. .

Laser Printers

Nice Infotech supplies a wide range of Laser Printers from the house of Konica Minolta, which is known as one of the best in the world. The Laser Printers offered by our company are fast and available at a cost effective budget. This product is the perfect solution for your office as well as for home. The Magicolor2500W Laser Printer provides excellent quality to cater to the customer's requirement. Replacement of Toner cartridges makes it the low cost printing as it yields up to 4,500 pages per Cartridge. Robust and reliable, the MagiColor 2500W has a 35,000 page-per-month duty cycle and is backed by five years of toll-free technical support, with average on-hold times of less than 1 minute. .

Wide Format Printer

We supply Wide Format Printer (WFP). The Wide Format Printer are highly reliable, eco-friendly, and capable of delivering high-resolution output with black and white text and graphics in any size. These printers possess "cartridge-free" technology using durable print drum and high yield toner container. This Printer is available at affordable price range & is adequate to print thousands of pages within a short span of time. These Printers are capable of producing 4 and 6-D size drawings per minute with 600dpi image resolution and low cost of operation. The Wide Format Printers are the best way to copy, print and scan high quality drawings. For more information and customised solution,contact us:-

Laser printers, MFP, MFD, Multi Function Devices

We are prominent Office Solution Providers of Laser Printers, MFD, MFP. This Multi-Function Devices (MFD), photocopier for small as well as large industries. We deal with copiers and multi function devices of globally branded names like HP,Cannon,Konica Minolta,Toshiba for supplying PhotoCopiers and Multi-Function Devices (MFD). Its modular features and adaptable open architecture, helps users to achieve maximum productivity and utilization of resources. The bizhub series launched by Konica Minolta contains four functions as a Copier, Scanner, Printer and Faximile. It allows communication interchange within a group, or far beyond to circulate information among the people.

Digital Duplicator Devices

The digital duplicators provided by us have high speed and low cost. They print on a wide range of medium at higher speed than common office technology. These duplicators can effectively reduce the gap between offset and copier systems. These duplicators allow organizations to bring many outsourced print jobs in house for maximum control and cost containment resulting in highly cheap printing. They can be used for various specialized applications like printing:.